Fresh Tunes Finland is a leading Northern European 21st century music agency dedicated to artist development and consulting, creative consulting, marketing and promotion. Founded by born-global entrepreneurs, built on passion and collaboration, the company has set out to break old molds and replace them with sustainable and fresh structures.

That’s the sexy jibberish part, here’s the real info part

Our services:

  • We focus on creative consulting and associated services for Northern Europe.
  • We release (some) music.
  • We do consultation for both businesses and artists.
  • We do all kind of promotion and marketing as well.
  • We also like digital marketing and specialize in social media.

You are:

  • Either a new age or established, trusted firm or even a hot new band,
  • Exploring the Northern European market, distribution, partnerships, market entry or new models
  • Looking for a trusted and respected partner
  • Seriously think you got what it takes to make it and are willing to put in the work to make it happen

We are simple, we work in exchange for cold cash. If we like your mojo bad enough and think you could make it, there’s no limit to what we could do together.
We’re big big believers in collaboration and think it’s (nearly) always good. So it doesn’t always have to be one of those old school business transactions, let’s just sit down first and see what’s what?

We’re always looking for the most fly individuals. If you like what you see, apply for a position at Fresh Tunes Finland.